Sunday, March 15, 2020

My Help Comes from the Lord

What an eventful week this has been!  We spent Spring Break having flooring installed in several rooms while painting another ourselves.  We also assembled a new desk to refresh a home office.  Most things are dusted and back in place with just a little work to be done in my craft room tomorrow. 

On the Corona Virus front, our school district has moved to on-line learning with teacher training to be held as early as Wednesday of next week.   There are two confirmed cases in our county, so church was held on-line today.  The sermon was encouraging and helpful, reminding us that God has never ceased to be in control.  While He  expects to walk in wisdom, we are called to love and minister to others. There are lots of things we can safely do to bless others, and one is to pray. 

This scripture is a favorite of mine, and I thought about and prayed this truth while crafting, knowing that God will have the perfect recipient who needs to be encouraged by this truth.

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