Friday, June 28, 2019

"Wheelie Great"

So glad to squeeze in some time after dinner to make one last card for the 100th Inky Paws Challenge.  I am going to link this card in the favorite product category and hope to do a good job explaining why I REALLY love this particular stamp.

How do I love thee, Newton Scoots By?  Let me count the ways:

1.  Any NN design featuring Newton can be colored like my sassy gray cat or like my chunky tuxedo kitty whose name may be changing from Oreo to Double Stuff.

2.  This set has some cute, punny sentiments.

3.  The sentiments are encouraging, and this set works for masculine cards really well.

4. The best reason is that stamping Newton on his scooter makes me laugh---hard. Why?  Read the story below......

Once upon a time, the term "Vespa" came up in a conversation with my son.  He didn't know what a Vespa was, and I answered:  "A Vespa is that cute little scooter the hot guys ride in the movies."  I even gave him a few examples of movies in which this was true.

Not much time passed, and we were enjoying a beautiful morning on the porch when an older gentlemen went by.  This septuagenarian has not yet outgrown his love for "big boy toys" and had just acquired a new Vespa.  My son leaned over and said, "Hot guys ride Vespas, huh, Mom?"

Every time I stamp Newton on his cute scooter, I think of that story!

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Indy's Designs said...

First, I love that your Oreo kitty might be renamed Double Stuffed! Reminds me of my own kitty who we've nicknamed, Chubbily! Second, your story of how this set has become your favorite made me smile! What a delightful memory!! Last, your card is so cute with the vertical striped background and fun colors! So glad you helped us celebrate our 100th celebration! Thanks for sharing!

beckynoelle said...

Such a cute card and a fun story! My oldest daughter is only 5 but she has an incredible memory and gets me with zingers like that often! Thanks for joining us for this Inky Paws Challenge!