Wednesday, May 11, 2022

All Things are Possible with God for WAW

 This scripture can be a beacon of hope, a strong assurance, and a praise to all depends where one in on her journey with God through a particular experience.  I'd like to share a current experience and testimony of God's goodness.  In mid-March, my husband was diagnosed with cancer....literally after a scope procedure in the doctor's office, the physician said with frightening emphasis, "It IS cancer."  We have been given much prayer support and encouragement, literally from friends, family members, various churches, and Christian organizations near and far.

Since the diagnosis, the tumor has been removed, a second surgery was performed to check for regrowth and a biopsy was done to assess prior to further treatment. We have received good news that the cancer is gone.  Immunotherapy treatments are scheduled to prevent regrowth, and the timeline from diagnosis has been just under eight weeks.  We offer God most sincere and praise and thanks.

A second and different cancer was discovered on scans and it will be addressed in a few months.  I know that God's word for me is to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.  It has been His directive through the first diagnosis and series of treatments, and I am to continue for those to come.  I praise Him because He is good.  God's goodness is unchangeable regardless of the trials we face or of how we feel about their outcomes.  I am thankful that God saw fit to bring healing to my husband thus far, but I am also thankful for every assurance of His love and power.  



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Cynthia said...

Lovely card, Christine. Prayers for your husbands continuing treatment. It's certainly a comfort when we can turn to God's Word in times like these.